Your Stay

Your stay is as relaxing or as fun-filled as you would like.

There is a morning wake-up call at about 8.30 with breakfast being served after a brisk morning stroll or for the very fit amongst you, a good run.

For those keen swimmers there are two lakes where you can enjoy some open-water swimming. We maintain a good collection of balls and there is an ample supply of sticks that can be thrown should you wish.

All walks are taken as a group but if you are not that way inclined, just preferring your own company for instance (or of an age to be a little grumpy), then we can cater for you too.

Guests then retire to their rooms for a midday rest for some 'me' time until the afternoon's activities.

We like to think of the kennels as similar to an old fashioned club where the surroundings could do with a little improvement but the service is exceptional. Just occasionally a guest might need a little more attention as homesickness can get anyone down. We find that an evening on the rug by the fire tends to cheer them up! The Rhodesian Ridegbacks enjoyed themselves enormously.

Top Left - Charlie and Bess queuing to get back in!