Welcome to Docker Park Kennels

Docker Park kennels are exactly how they have been described by our customers - a happy place for dogs and cats!
Docker Park Kennels - the happy kennels
We have six of our own dogs and consider yours as part of our family when they come and stay with us at the farm.

Our location ensures your dog gets lovely country walks and, as we have two lakes, swimming facilities are there for those breeds who like to leap in at any opportunity!

All the dogs (subject to them getting on with others) are let to run at least twice a day round the paddocks.

Is Docker Park Farm the right kennels for your dog?

Our kennels is a very happy, busy place which is perfect for gregarious, confident dogs that love to socialise and are used to having good walks off a lead. If your dog has good recall and is reasonably obedient, then they will thrive here with us.

If your dog has been unhappy previously in kennels it's possibly because they didn't get enough freedom or exercise and are therefore stressed and bored. Whilst with us, they get plenty of mental and physical stimulation but it does mean they need to be used to running free in a social environment. None of our visitors are let off the lead until they are used to us and have been assessed by our staff, but the whole ideology of our kennels is to get them running off a lead and happy.

We offer comfortable, heated accommodation for your pet but the thing that sets us is apart is how our guests are treated. We know that some guests find it harder being away from home more than others so we go that little bit further to help them along. Purpose-built 10 years ago all the kennels have been refurbished, spring-cleaned and painted. We work hard to keep them clean and fresh. All our guests are walked at least twice a day and each kennel has an open area.